What can a professional web designer do that i can't

What can a professional web designer do that i can’t

We would like to start this year’s blog with a very common question we’ve read online:

What can a samasitu professional web designer do that I can’t?

That is a question many people ask themselves and with all the tools, templates, and websites advertising these services the question is now more present than ever. And the reality is that many people try and put a lot of hours into this process just to give up at the end.

The answer is simple:
The Internet today is the most active and evolving place that has ever existed. Updates are constantly made, new technologies come out daily, new innovators create new things every day and new trends seems to pop up out of nowhere. If you don’t have someone who is constantly involved in this 100% of their time, it is nearly impossible to get a headstart with all this information, tendencies, and ideas.

Besides that, you also need to deal with a lot of other seemingly unrelated issues, but that can have a deep impact on your website future. You can make a beautiful website that works really poorly with the search engines so no-one can find you on Google or Bing. Without being able to analyze the code of your website from a web developer point of view you will never know what went wrong.

You can also make a website that looks great on your computer just to find out that it looks terrible in mobiles devices or that it’s not mobile-friendly at all and is missing in more than a third of the traffic that any other functional website may have.

After all that you’ll also need to know that what looks great to you may not look so good or even ‘ok’ to your visitors and future customers.

If you really want to tackle your own website you’ll need to put a lot of time on learning how to code, languages to use, codes to implement and a lot of marketing coding and application.

At this point you could ask yourself, what will sell better, a professional and colorful brochure or a flyer done by yourself at home?

What to do then?
If you are a person with a lot of time in your hands and really want to learn I’ll expect you to do your own site. Get some studies on photoshop, web coding, and online advertising and give it a try. Once you do all this, you’ll need to study a bit more, learn a few more things and do it again or make what you had better. Then you may know someone who will ask you to do the same for them and.there you go, more practice on top of practice and eventually you will become a web designer and you can even make a living out of it.

But, if you don’t have the time and energy to tackle this problem head on and your focus is in your business instead of making things yourself, then you should leave it to a professional. We will guarantee 100% our designs and we will not stop until you love it 100%. Our reputation is on the line.

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