Reasons Why Photobooths are the Best

Whenever I hear the word “photobooth”, I get all giddy inside as I remember the times I spent on one when I was a tad bit younger. Yes, photobooths were already here even before some of you were born. It’s not a 2010 thing. If you ask your grandfather about it, they might even know what a photobooth is.

Still, it is undeniable that there is really a big difference with the photobooths of the past and now. Before, it was just straight up taking photos and printing them. There was no room for shenanigans, props, or unique designs. Photobooths in the past existed for the sole purpose of taking pictures.

Where’s the fun in that, right?

That’s why I really love the modern day photobooths. I am a photographer myself and I enjoy them. Here are my reasons why.


  1. They are affordable – First and foremost, let’s address the very thing that keeps people away from photobooths. Saying that they are “expensive” is a thing of the past. Sure, celebrities were the only ones who can afford them in the past but things have changed. You can get a great team to handle your photobooth at a cheap price. The people at can give you a good deal if you call them early.
  2. They are Perfect for any occasion – Wedding? Photobooth. Birthday? Photobooth. Coming of age Party? Photobooth. The good thing about a photobooth is that it can easily adjust to your theme and party type. If you contact your photobooth team earlier, they can even prepare a number of props that will make the party extra special for your guests.
  3. They are very flexible and requires zero effort – If you’ve been to one of the parties with photobooths, you will agree with me that it’s so much fun, right? But sometimes you wonder if you can go through all the setup. Fortunately, most photobooths require close to zero effort from your side. The team will handle the setup, photobooth operation, and cleanup. The other thing is that the team is usually very flexible in the sense that they can arrive earlier to scope out the area for the perfect location.
  4. It’s fun for guests and is the perfect giveaway – When setting up events, we usually spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect giveaway. Photobooths not only make your event/party extra fun but it will also be the perfect giveaway. What better way to remember a party than to look at a couple of wacky pictures with you and your guests, right?

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