An Amazing Outdoor Area

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting up with some old friends.


One was Amber, who works a job that she’s not allowed to talk about. It pays well, though. The other was Taylor, is a digital security consultant. He says it’s just a fancy way of saying that he tries everything he can to break into a company’s systems, and then gets paid to tell them how he did it.


I just realised I have two odd friends.


Anyway, that’s not the point right now. The point is that I recently met up at Amber’s place and we had some great fun outdoors.


As long as I’ve known her, Amber’s always loved entertaining guests under the sun. She likes the indoors well enough, but there’s something about outdoor entertainment that clicks with her. Any other way of entertaining visitors just seems alien to her.


With that being established, I was unsurprised that the outdoor area of her home was so beautiful.


She talked on about how she got Sew Covered to upholster everything except the all-wood dining table and chairs. She mentioned how pleased she was that the spot got so much sun, though Taylor wasn’t so happy. He was never one to enjoy the outdoors, as far as I remember.


We sat down. Amber had drinks and snacks prepared. Taylor was still as big of an eater as I remember, but he also spent half the time doodling.


He mentioned that he was trying to pick sketching and illustration back up, and he had a tablet that was built for that sort of thing. I forgot what the brand was. I remembered him saying he quit that about a decade ago. I wonder what made him pick art back up?


Before I left, I took a snapshot. The place looks lovely, doesn’t it? It fits right into all the other great shots I took for my blog’s home.


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