Painted Faces from All Over the World

What’s better than a face? A painted one of course!

Face painting is more than just a hobby or party gimmick. For various tribes and cultures all over the world, face painting is a method of expression. In order to celebrate this, I have listed some of the best painted faces I have seen online. Please enjoy!

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Steps to becoming a Photography Hobbyist

In the current age of smart phones that make your workplace fit in your pocket, it is now more crucial than ever before to learn to take a break from your job and de-stress. Fortunately, the same technology is also bringing to your storage compartments, a hobby that was once considered prohibitively expensive; Photography. Iphones today come equipped with cameras that are capable of taking pictures high definition pictures and videos, which makes it easier for anyone with a good phone to provide Photography a good thought. Almost everyone will agree that you definitely need to have an eye for it and the desire to explore your talent further when you think you have that, adopting digital photography training in your spare time may require only a few simple steps.


  1. Pick Your Camera: If you really wish to give it a shot, get yourself accustomed to the various devices available to you. Look at your budget range and pick a camera or a smart phone that you think suits you the best. Put in a few hours of research and find yourself a device that is not only good to start with but also decent enough to take you a little past just the ‘beginner’ level.


  1. Develop An ‘Eye’: The mark of your good photographer is usually the uniqueness of their point of view. Make an effort to gain that unique point of view on your surroundings and capture it on film. Take pictures of the ordinary, the mundane and see how you can bring a new aspect to them.


  1. Have Pictures In case you Don’t Wish To: Be consistent. That is not hard to indulge yourself with a new camera and play with digital photography for a little while before getting distracted. Stay focused. Try to take pictures even when you aren’t in the feeling. Any hobby, any ability needs to be hewn into perfection with frequent practice and patience.


  1. Experiment: Try exactly what you can do with your camera. Use the various options for the similar picture and observe the dissimilarities. Learn to use software applications to improve your pictures after you have considered them to bring away certain elements. The more you experiment, the greater you learn.


  1. Share And Take Advice: Make it a habit to discuss your work with better photographers and ask them the actual think, work on the feedback they give you to improve your skill learn more by observing their work.


A good camera and a little practice could make photography the hobby that you’ve always desired for to have. Not really only does it provide creative release, it is also an evolved form of expression that could bring out an area of you even you didn’t know you got. Take it one day at a time to see if your lens indeed becomes a new good friend to you personally.

Reasons Why Photobooths are the Best

Whenever I hear the word “photobooth”, I get all giddy inside as I remember the times I spent on one when I was a tad bit younger. Yes, photobooths were already here even before some of you were born. It’s not a 2010 thing. If you ask your grandfather about it, they might even know what a photobooth is.

Still, it is undeniable that there is really a big difference with the photobooths of the past and now. Before, it was just straight up taking photos and printing them. There was no room for shenanigans, props, or unique designs. Photobooths in the past existed for the sole purpose of taking pictures.

Where’s the fun in that, right?

That’s why I really love the modern day photobooths. I am a photographer myself and I enjoy them. Here are my reasons why.


  1. They are affordable – First and foremost, let’s address the very thing that keeps people away from photobooths. Saying that they are “expensive” is a thing of the past. Sure, celebrities were the only ones who can afford them in the past but things have changed. You can get a great team to handle your photobooth at a cheap price. The people at can give you a good deal if you call them early.
  2. They are Perfect for any occasion – Wedding? Photobooth. Birthday? Photobooth. Coming of age Party? Photobooth. The good thing about a photobooth is that it can easily adjust to your theme and party type. If you contact your photobooth team earlier, they can even prepare a number of props that will make the party extra special for your guests.
  3. They are very flexible and requires zero effort – If you’ve been to one of the parties with photobooths, you will agree with me that it’s so much fun, right? But sometimes you wonder if you can go through all the setup. Fortunately, most photobooths require close to zero effort from your side. The team will handle the setup, photobooth operation, and cleanup. The other thing is that the team is usually very flexible in the sense that they can arrive earlier to scope out the area for the perfect location.
  4. It’s fun for guests and is the perfect giveaway – When setting up events, we usually spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect giveaway. Photobooths not only make your event/party extra fun but it will also be the perfect giveaway. What better way to remember a party than to look at a couple of wacky pictures with you and your guests, right?

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Reasons Why Australia is the Most Photogenic Place in the World

Taking pictures is my hobby. I guess that was pretty clear in my blog. Australia is always my top subject. I think it is the most photogenic place in the world. Not to take anything from other parts of the world but I am still infatuated with Australia.

Don’t think so?

Well, I included 5 reasons why this is so. Tell me if you agree with me after looking at each pictures.


Flickr: saspotato / Creative Commons

Flickr: chengjoo / Creative Commons

Carsten Peter / National Georgraphic Creative

Flickr: rling / Creative Commons

An Amazing Outdoor Area

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting up with some old friends.


One was Amber, who works a job that she’s not allowed to talk about. It pays well, though. The other was Taylor, is a digital security consultant. He says it’s just a fancy way of saying that he tries everything he can to break into a company’s systems, and then gets paid to tell them how he did it.


I just realised I have two odd friends.


Anyway, that’s not the point right now. The point is that I recently met up at Amber’s place and we had some great fun outdoors.


As long as I’ve known her, Amber’s always loved entertaining guests under the sun. She likes the indoors well enough, but there’s something about outdoor entertainment that clicks with her. Any other way of entertaining visitors just seems alien to her.


With that being established, I was unsurprised that the outdoor area of her home was so beautiful.


She talked on about how she got Sew Covered to upholster everything except the all-wood dining table and chairs. She mentioned how pleased she was that the spot got so much sun, though Taylor wasn’t so happy. He was never one to enjoy the outdoors, as far as I remember.


We sat down. Amber had drinks and snacks prepared. Taylor was still as big of an eater as I remember, but he also spent half the time doodling.


He mentioned that he was trying to pick sketching and illustration back up, and he had a tablet that was built for that sort of thing. I forgot what the brand was. I remembered him saying he quit that about a decade ago. I wonder what made him pick art back up?


Before I left, I took a snapshot. The place looks lovely, doesn’t it? It fits right into all the other great shots I took for my blog’s home.


Fun Times With Scorpions

I remember, when I was younger, that one of the kids in the neighbourhood had a pet scorpion. She was a little older than the rest of us, and she seemed a great deal wiser. Holly was her name.


Her last name was a pun she didn’t like.


I didn’t think too much about them after Holly moved away. At least, not until I learned my neighbour Abby had one as a pet. Apparently, she got Graham – because “he looks like a Graham” was the reason given to me – recently.


Abby’s a cute kid. She learns in a way that my Aunt Stella would describe as “unusual.” In class, she can be a bit slow. What you need to get her to grasp a complex concept is a comparison. Compare the lesson to something she understands, and she’ll learn it quick.


Simpler stuff like scorpion facts she can process like everyone else, though.


Seeing Graham reminded me of all those days when my friends and I would just sit and stare at Holly’s favourite poisonous bug. It also reminded me of all the fun scorpion facts I ended up learning thanks to her.


Facts that I found out that Abby didn’t know. I decided to sit down and spend a little time to help her get to know her new pet better. Hopefully, she won’t kill it as quickly as she did her goldfish, Dawn.


I start with the fact that all scorpions have poisonous stings. Good thing she already knew that and had the number for the local hospital memorised. An Australian scorpion has a painful sting, but it isn’t lethal to humans.


Here is a fun and scary fact: in Victoria alone, there are nine species of scorpion. Not all of them are of the arid desert variety we so often see in the media, either.


Abby was very excited when I told her some scorpions might glow when exposed to UV light. This made her day since her mum has a UV light handy. She thought it was so cool.


She wasn’t sure what they ate. I told her they usually ate insects and other small bugs. I decided to leave out the part about them eating other scorpions. I didn’t think she’d appreciate knowing that.


In the end, Abby seemed overjoyed to know more about Graham. I was just happy to remember a few things I picked up as a kid.


Now that I think about it, I really should see if I can find Holly again. She was sweet and smart, and it’d be awesome to reconnect. I believe she’s the only figure from my childhood I haven’t reconnected with that I’m reasonably sure isn’t dead yet.


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My house on a Rainy day


You know, up until a week ago, I didn’t think too much about gutters.


I mean, I knew they were there. I had an idea of what they were supposed to be doing. I just didn’t give much thought to them beyond that. Yeah, that was…well, that wasn’t one of my brightest moments. The whole thing is a bit of a story, and if you’re up for it, I’d be happy to tell you.


See, the story begins when I saw a water stain on my ceiling.


It was in the master bedroom. Couldn’t miss it. It was a great big combination of a swirl and a blot on an otherwise pristine white ceiling. For reasons I don’t remember now, I was convinced that I could leave it alone.


After all, it wasn’t as if the ceiling was about to fall as I was sleeping.


Yeah, that was not my best moment. I quickly saw that the black stain wasn’t alone. There was a growing ring of pale brown around it. It was darker around the edges, and that made me think there was a lot of water getting in there. I just had no idea how.


By chance, I decided to check out the rain gutters. The damn thing was clogged. Something got stuck in the downpipe and water started filling it up. When that got full, it just spilt over. The bits of debris from the construction next door and the leaves didn’t help, either.

While I was cleaning it up and looking into gutter cleaning Perth, I realised that my gutter problem and my water stain problem were interrelated.


Water travels. I mean, I knew this was a thing, but I didn’t think about it until I did a quick web search. Water from a clogged gutter can do more than just spill over – sometimes it leaks inside. Then it finds its way into the structure and ends up making water stains that are nowhere near the gutters.


In other words, by neglecting the gutters, I was making my stain problems happen.


Oh, but it gets worse for me!


Do you remember the Titanic? No, I’m not talking about the James Cameron movie or the older one. Or the one that was produced by Nazi Germany as a propaganda piece. I’m talking about the boat.


Yes, that huge boat that got sent to the bottom of the sea because it got carved up by an iceberg. Well, one of the reasons they didn’t avoid the chunk of ice in the water was because they only saw the tip of it. Most of the iceberg – and most of what did the damage – was underwater.


What does that have to do with my situation? As it turns out, water stains are just the tip of the iceberg! They only show up once the water’s already started to form little pools, eating their way through my ceiling little by little.


Naturally, this was unacceptable! I called in the experts. They cleaned out the gutter, which was great. They took out the rock that somehow got into the downpipe. They even fixed a part that was starting to fall apart.


Then I had to hire someone to find the water and the leak. After all that, I had to hire contractors to fix the ceiling. In the end, it cost a lot of money, though part of that is because I decided to shell out for extra insulation to keep the moisture out during the spring thaw.


At least I have my ceiling and peace of mind back.


What did I learn throughout all of this? Keep an eye on my gutters, because I do not want them to do this a second time.

Moto Trials

Here is a high resolution photo from the 2015 World Trials Championships held in Rhode Island, United States, approximately 10 weeks ago.


This photo is of world champions trials bike Toni Bou. He rides this motorcycle like a pushbike, hoping on, off and over rocks, logs and more.

A man of massive talent, class, showmanship and love.

Past rain

Here is an example. This shot I took last winter in one of the first days of rain for the season, out in the CBD.

Beauty is always everywhere you just have to look for it. Let me know what you think, and enjoy this weather, for it will pass soon and be gone.

HighRes Rain 2014