My house on a Rainy day


You know, up until a week ago, I didn’t think too much about gutters.


I mean, I knew they were there. I had an idea of what they were supposed to be doing. I just didn’t give much thought to them beyond that. Yeah, that was…well, that wasn’t one of my brightest moments. The whole thing is a bit of a story, and if you’re up for it, I’d be happy to tell you.


See, the story begins when I saw a water stain on my ceiling.


It was in the master bedroom. Couldn’t miss it. It was a great big combination of a swirl and a blot on an otherwise pristine white ceiling. For reasons I don’t remember now, I was convinced that I could leave it alone.


After all, it wasn’t as if the ceiling was about to fall as I was sleeping.


Yeah, that was not my best moment. I quickly saw that the black stain wasn’t alone. There was a growing ring of pale brown around it. It was darker around the edges, and that made me think there was a lot of water getting in there. I just had no idea how.


By chance, I decided to check out the rain gutters. The damn thing was clogged. Something got stuck in the downpipe and water started filling it up. When that got full, it just spilt over. The bits of debris from the construction next door and the leaves didn’t help, either.

While I was cleaning it up and looking into gutter cleaning Perth, I realised that my gutter problem and my water stain problem were interrelated.


Water travels. I mean, I knew this was a thing, but I didn’t think about it until I did a quick web search. Water from a clogged gutter can do more than just spill over – sometimes it leaks inside. Then it finds its way into the structure and ends up making water stains that are nowhere near the gutters.


In other words, by neglecting the gutters, I was making my stain problems happen.


Oh, but it gets worse for me!


Do you remember the Titanic? No, I’m not talking about the James Cameron movie or the older one. Or the one that was produced by Nazi Germany as a propaganda piece. I’m talking about the boat.


Yes, that huge boat that got sent to the bottom of the sea because it got carved up by an iceberg. Well, one of the reasons they didn’t avoid the chunk of ice in the water was because they only saw the tip of it. Most of the iceberg – and most of what did the damage – was underwater.


What does that have to do with my situation? As it turns out, water stains are just the tip of the iceberg! They only show up once the water’s already started to form little pools, eating their way through my ceiling little by little.


Naturally, this was unacceptable! I called in the experts. They cleaned out the gutter, which was great. They took out the rock that somehow got into the downpipe. They even fixed a part that was starting to fall apart.


Then I had to hire someone to find the water and the leak. After all that, I had to hire contractors to fix the ceiling. In the end, it cost a lot of money, though part of that is because I decided to shell out for extra insulation to keep the moisture out during the spring thaw.


At least I have my ceiling and peace of mind back.


What did I learn throughout all of this? Keep an eye on my gutters, because I do not want them to do this a second time.

Moto Trials

Here is a high resolution photo from the 2015 World Trials Championships held in Rhode Island, United States, approximately 10 weeks ago.


This photo is of world champions trials bike Toni Bou. He rides this motorcycle like a pushbike, hoping on, off and over rocks, logs and more.

A man of massive talent, class, showmanship and love.

Past rain

Here is an example. This shot I took last winter in one of the first days of rain for the season, out in the CBD.

Beauty is always everywhere you just have to look for it. Let me know what you think, and enjoy this weather, for it will pass soon and be gone.

HighRes Rain 2014

Rain shots

Who is out in this awesome weather getting some killer rain shots? I know I am.

Look at every event, every change of conditions,and everything else as an opportunity. For example, like today when its raining.

Most people will hide out and stay in their homes and complain, when for myself I look at it as opportunity to get outside and get some different photographs.

Others may see exercise opportunities, or to visit different site seeing spots because the dynamics will be different and beautiful.

New shot

Hi everyone, i managed to capture this pearler of a photograph over the weekend. I think she is a real beauty. It will make a beautiful piece on a canvas of for a high resolution cover on someones photo album or anything for that matter.

If you would like a copy simply email e and we can arrange it. Please provide any feedback you have for me regarding this shot as I am open to hearing others ideas and sharing.

Thanks again guys and I hope you enjoy I know i certainly do enjoy this piece.

my email is


Contracting :)

Hi all.

I am available to do some contracting work if you would like. It is truly my pleasure to help out if need be, and I am willing and able to provide any assistance that I can.

So if you would like some contracting work done, whether it be to do the work for you or to simply have another photographer on standby than I am by all means available to you.

I have worked with Perth Wedding Photographer WA in compiling wedding shots with them. I have worked for others doing party gigs and filming with Cahill Films and much more.

Click on the link above to have a look at the wedding collaboration I assisted with (most photos were by myself)

Simply email me at to contact me 🙂



My name is Adam Tursher. I am 24 years young and currently living in Swanborne in Western Australia. I moved here 6 years ago from Melbourne after visiting from a holiday and have not left since.

I moved here 6 years ago from Melbourne after visiting from a holiday and have not left since., for I simply love the vibe and culture of Perth.

My background and passion is in photography. Also intrigued by a camera at a young age I have pursued my love and turned it into a career as well as a talent and hobby.

There is something about capturing magic moments that draws me in and makes me love what I do. To be able to look back on that split instant moment in time that you captured through the click of a button.

I have worked in several fields of photography and videography, from portraits to landscapes to weddings to sports.

The joy, love, serenity and beauty in photography is simply spectacular and is what keeps my coming back.

My Business highrescovers works on creating high resolution, beautifully captured shots that can be used for the cover of anything.

Stay tuned as I post up work and or collaborations.

Thanks, Adam 🙂